Fighting the Culture War

Jesuit University Deletes 2 Abortion Links

After weeks of peaceful protest, the Catholic University of Detroit Mercy has removed two links to abortion provider Planned Parenthood that were listed on its web site. “I’m very happy to verify that the links to Planned Parenthood were deleted,” … Continue reading

University Cancels Corpus Christi Blasphemy

TFP Student Action is glad to announce that Tarleton State University finally pulled the plug on Corpus Christi. Thank God, our prayers were answered. The blasphemous play, which portrays Our Lord and the Apostles as homosexuals, was scheduled to perform … Continue reading

They Said: Abort Children, but Spare Bin Laden

It takes a fair amount of courage to defend the truth on a decidedly liberal campus such as George Washington University. Nevertheless, TFP Student Action volunteers welcomed the challenge and visited the university on March 8. Their mission was simple: … Continue reading

Disband the Marine Corps

You may also like Is the Guardian Angel Less Intelligent than the Devil? Why Are Young People Killing Young People? The Apples-and-Oranges Debate over Tariffs Prayer Shaming: A New Front in the Culture War LGBT Activists Disrupt Protest Against Homo-erotic … Continue reading

Toys R Us Opens the Door to the Occult

Why is Toy R Us Selling Ouija Boards to Our Children and Teenagers? According to press reports and its own website, Toys R Us is selling a Glow-in-the-Dark Ouija Board, recommending it to children from age 8-14. Since the TFP … Continue reading

Avatar: Cameron’s Utopia

Canadian born James Cameron, has certainly outdone himself in his production of Avatar with all of its technical prowess. Cameron’s visual presentation largely compensates for his lack of unique content. His story line is nothing more than part and parcel … Continue reading

Innocence Saluting Heroism

Innocence Saluting Heroism   Innocence Saluting Heroism A young boy waits on the sidewalk for the passing of Canadian troops. The video speaks for itself. In his innocence, he waits for more than just Canadian soldiers marching in formation with … Continue reading

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