Fighting the Culture War

Fighting Christianophobia In Brussels

On June 22, the Pro Europa Christiana Federation held a rally in front of the European Parliament to launch its signature campaign in favor of the recognition of an annual World Day against Christianophobia. In Brussels’ Luxembourg Square, a few … Continue reading

Youthful Souls: Attacked On All Sides

In the ongoing assault on the mentality of American youth, we have to be amazed at the resourceful and relentless completeness of the attack. Many casual observers, but not all, accept the fact that it is coordinated in all its … Continue reading

23 Genders

In matters of human sexuality, there are male and female. It is an established biological fact. It is from this fact that comes the family which assures the continuity of the human race. From the family comes society and the … Continue reading

Front Alley Abortion

One of the major arguments that feminists use to impose abortion upon our country is that women, especially poor women, are going to get abortions anyway. By providing “safe” facilities to these poor women, we can prevent them from resorting … Continue reading

Defending the Citadel of Marriage

It is one of those strange contradictions of the liberals that they change their position when it suits them. It was back in the sixties when they began their brutal attack on marriage. Feminists hated the institution because they said … Continue reading

Evolution: The Lonely Dinosaur

Some biologists teach that all dinosaurs became extinct because they simply could not adapt to the dramatic climate changes that shook the earth at that time. According to the dogma of “survival of the fittest,” the demise of the dinosaurs … Continue reading

Home Depot Pushes Homosexual Sin to Children

According to news reports from the American Family Association •  In the 2010 annual homosexual pride festival of Central Pennsylvania, Home Depot had workshops geared towards children •  An “OK Gay Daddy” hosted The Home Depot workshop for children •  … Continue reading

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