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Expectations Fulfilled

It is natural to have expectations when traveling. I, for one, use my expectations to gauge the success of a trip. That is why when returning from a recent trip to Portugal and Spain, I began reflecting on whether it … Continue reading

Why Did Catholic Portugal Legalize Abortion?

It is almost certain that Portugal will join the list of Catholic countries that have legalized abortion. After an inexpressive referendum, the socialist government presented a projected bill that was approved by the Portuguese Parliament on March 8. Only an … Continue reading

Recalled to Action: A Peek at the Catholic Left

Hype and media coverage often give the impression that leftist organizations make up almost monolithic forces of change against which conservatives can do nothing. This is also true of the so-called progressive Catholic groups whose media projection of their influence … Continue reading

The Myth of Our Immense Stability

The recent legislative refusal to put same-sex “marriage” on the Massachusetts ballot has prompted some to question the need to oppose any measures involving public morality. After all, they reason, life goes on regardless of the outcome. As one prominent … Continue reading

Our Bishops Speak out on the Coming Elections

We live at a time when extreme moral decadence and a loss of the sense of evil and sin coexist with technological advances unprecedented in history. If not contained within proper moral limits, this very progress can turn into catastrophe. … Continue reading

Dispelling Myths About the Crusades

The TFP’s Crusade Magazine recently did an interview with accomplished medieval historian Professor Thomas Madden of Saint Louis University, to dispel some common myths concerning the Crusades. The text of this interview is transcribed below. 1. Some authors contend the … Continue reading

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