Fatima Visits in the “Last Frontier”

This July, America Needs Fatima sent a volunteer to the 49th State. As the Alaskan motto fittingly states, it was also our “Last Frontier,” the only state where we had not conducted home visits with the statue of Our Lady … Continue reading

2010 TFP Washington Bureau Open House

As has been the tradition for a number of years, the TFP Washington Bureau hosted a soirée the day after the March for Life at our bureau in McLean, Virginia. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, … Continue reading

July 27 – Providence, Rhode Island

Today, July 27th, we campaigned in Providence, Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is the nation’s smallest state and one of the most Catholic. We did the first campaign in Providence’s financial district.  Despite being Rhode Island’s biggest city, the traffic wasn’t … Continue reading

July 21 – Augusta, Maine

Today, rain was forecast for the whole state. We were in a quandary because this would cancel any campaign. We confided in our patron St. Joseph and headed to Augusta, the capital of Maine. We campaigned on the edge of … Continue reading

July 23 – Bangor, Maine

Today we traveled almost two and a half hours to Bangor, one of Maine’s larger cities. Once again, we hardly began when we got our first honks. It was a good harbinger–for the most part. We are beginning to employ … Continue reading

July 20 – Lewiston, Maine

Today, the feast of St. Elias, we campaigned in Lewiston, Maine. Local channel six interviewed Mr. Richard Lyon and the segment aired in the evening news. You can watch it here. The point about abrasiveness is in response to an … Continue reading

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