The American TFP has been combating public blasphemy and sacrilege since 1978. In that year, it’s first public protest was against a Planned Parenthood pamphlet which contained a horrible caricature of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A crowd of 1,500 Catholics gathered in front of Planned Parenthood’s offices in New York and Planned Parenthood issued an official letter of apology. From that time, the TFP has organized dozens of protests against blasphemies involving art exhibits, plays, movies, cartoons and books. In recent years, the TFP has organized rallies in reparation for satanic black masses performed in Oklahoma and blasphemous Broadway shows and art exhibits in New York City.

Defending the Honor of Our Lady

On Monday, April 22, The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín officially “opened” on Broadway, to defame the honor of Our Lady and cast doubt upon Our Lord’s Divinity. When theatergoers were warned that the play was blasphemous, they adroitly … Continue reading

A New Blasphemous Play: The Testament of Mary

A narrow-minded, vulgar, egoistic and even idolatrous woman — this is how Irish author Colm Tóibín presents the Blessed Virgin Mary in his novel (now making its debut on the stage) titled The Testament of Mary. His blasphemous play is … Continue reading

Protesting Blasphemy: What Our Lord Asks of Us

Over a dozen faithful Catholics joined forces with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property on August 24, to protest the blasphemous play, “Corpus Christi” at the Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles, California. The play … Continue reading

A Grossly Misnamed Play!

I regret to inform you that the Oklahoma City University School of Theatre plans to host a terrible attack on the Mother of God – a play that depicts Our Lady as a lesbian. The grossly misnamed play, “The Most … Continue reading

Brooklyn Museum Hosts Blasphemous Art

Our Lord Jesus Christ is attacked once again!  Insulted!  Blasphemed! This time at the Brooklyn Museum of Art where they will show “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture,” an exhibit on homosexual and lesbian themes. As part of this … Continue reading

Catholics Launch A Wave Of Protests

Catholics are encouraged to send an instant e-protest message to the Chance Center in Anaheim, California – because they’re showing the Southern California premiere of Jerry Springer: The Opera, which is full of profanity, nudity and blasphemous content. Some examples … Continue reading

Irish University Hosts Non-stop Blasphemy!

In our globalized world, blasphemy can cross the oceans and airwaves with more ease than in previous ages. And that is now the case with the blasphemous art exhibit “Our Lady and Other Queer Santas,” by the self-avowed lesbian Alma Lopez, … Continue reading

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