Pray for America’s Return to Order

Please help us blanket America with Rosaries
with a tank of gas.

America and the world now face a turning point in history that will define generations to come. The panic caused by the coronavirus crisis and the civil unrest we are seeing might trigger the greatest changes that humanity has faced in Christianity’s two thousand years.

With calm, confidence, and recourse to the Blessed Virgin Mary, America must turn her eyes to God for His urgent help. There is no better way to do this that through the Holy Rosary.

The Mother of God is the solution to the chaos of today.

Young volunteers from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) are taking the initiative by holding public square rosary rallies across the United States. By blanketing the United States with prayers, the American TFP implores Our Lady that she may hear the supplications and grant America an abundance of graces.

To carry out this bold plan, we need your help to send vans with of our young volunteers all over the country, making a public statement that we need a return to order.

Your donation will help the TFP cover this vast country, bringing the message of calm, courage, and hope with the Holy Rosary.

While a liberal and revolutionary agenda seeks to implement a more socialist, egalitarian, ecological world, Our Lady should be the guiding light and a source of calm amidst the raging chaos now threatening our country.

May Our Lady reward you for your generosity and bless you with an abundance of graces.

To help us stay on the road, please consider filling our gas tank. With an intense travel schedule, our fifteen-passenger vans consume about one tank of gasoline per day. A gift of a full tank will keep us going for 396 miles.

TFP members gather for a photo before departing

The first stop in St. Augustine Florida before
heading to every state.