Thank Senator Roth for Daring to Challenge the Chinese Communist Party of China April 17th, 2020

Officials from the Chinese Communist Consulate recently requested the help of State Sen. Roger Roth, the President of the Wisconsin State Senate. They asked him to introduce a resolution of praise for China’s “unprecedented and rigorous measures for disease control and prevention.”

The Chinese Communist wanted to be further commended for taking “transparent and quick” actions and “sharing key information of the virus with the WHO and the international community, thus creating a window of opportunity for other countries to make timely response.”

State Senator Roth said NO!

He would not make the Chinese government lies part of the official record.

He introduced his own resolution that read: “Resolved, That the Wisconsin Senate hereby stands in solidarity with the Chinese people, condemning the actions of the Communist Party of China in the strongest possible terms, and acknowledges that millions, both in China and around the world, are at risk of illness and death due to the negligence and hostile actions of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Sign this petition of support for Senator Roth and his staff! He must be commended for exposing this attempt to manipulate public opinion. The Chinese government has brought this crisis on the world, killing thousands in the process and paralyzing the world’s economies. They must be forced to accept responsibility.

Say thank you to Senator Roth for daring to say the truth! Other states should follow suit.


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Thank you Senator Roth for daring to say the truth and condemning the actions of the Communist Party of China in your resolution. You exposed this attempt to manipulate public opinion by the Chinese government.