Tell Warner Bros. to Stop Portraying Religious Life Falsely: Cancel The Nun September 6th, 2018

Warner Bros. depicts religious life the opposite of what it really is

Warner Bros. Entertainment just came out with a horror film that portrays consecrated life in a convent in a degrading and evil light. The new fictional horror film titled The Nun is about a young nun who commits suicide and, “a priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows [who] are sent by the Vatican to investigate.”[1]

According to the description of the movie, the two risk not only their lives, but their faith and their very souls confronting a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun. Apparently, they also learn of the convent’s unholy secret.[2]

Even an ad for the movie had to be pulled from YouTube because it violated the online streaming company’s “violent and shocking content in ads” policy.[3] According to, “crosses magically turn upside down; nuns go flying or are set aflame.”[4]

Stop degrading the Catholic Church and the Brides of Christ!

Looking at screenshots of the movie, the scenes portray cloistered life as scary, dark and sinful.

This is absolutely the opposite! A nun, a bride of Christ is anything but dark and scary. Being a nun is bright, beautiful and honorable.

Finally, as a disrespectful blow to consecrated life, the movie has a scene where a farmer finds the corpse of the nun who committed suicide, then attempts to flirt with Sister Irene, the main character who is investigating the matter. [5]

The Nun is an attempt to disfigure the Catholic Church and portray Her as dark and evil. The last thing we need is an image of the Church portrayed as demonic. The Holy Catholic Church fights against Satan and all his works and promotes all that is of good, true and beautiful.

Stop bashing the Holy Catholic Church!






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To: Kevin Tsujihara, CEO of Warner Bros.

Your movie, The Nun is a terrible attack on the Catholic Church and consecrated life. The Nun portrays consecrated life in a convent as dark and evil.

Being a nun, a bride of Christ, is anything but dark and scary. It is a great honor!

Finally, it is completely unacceptable to include a scene where a character flirts with Sister Irene.

I strongly demand that you cancel the movie and stop bashing the Catholic Church.