Tell Universal Pictures to Cancel Film Sexualizing Children! August 8th, 2019

We cannot allow our children to be exploited in R rated movies!

Warning: Graphic Content, Read with Caution

Universal Pictures, a major American film company, is releasing an obscene R-rated movie involving children as the main characters titled Good Boys, produced by Seth Rogen.

To give you an idea,’s review of the movie stated it has “a Lot of F-Bombs in Raunchy Adolescent Comedy.”

Protest the sexually immoral film involving children by Universal Pictures!

The movie is rated R for strong crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material and foul language throughout – all involving tweens. (a child between 9 and 12)

The plot revolves around three 12-year-old boys and their desire to go to a kissing party hosted by a girl one of them likes.

Even worse, the movie contains the following topics that involve children:

  • Masturbation
  • Sex toys
  • Stolen drugs
  • Vulgar profanity

In one of the trailers advertising the movie, it flaunts the fact that the children starring in the movie can’t even go to the movies and see it themselves because it’s R rated.

Tell Universal Pictures to Cancel “Good Boys”

It is horrendous to sexualize children!

Universal Pictures should be forbidden from releasing a film that involves extremely inappropriate themes starring young children.


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I am appalled by the overt sexualizing of children in the film “Good Boys.” The film contains material extremely inappropriate and worst of all, it involves young children!

I vehemently demand the movie be canceled.