Tell the Bishop of Innsbruck to Remove Blasphemous Crucifix From the Hospital Church in Innsbruck April 18th, 2019

Please ask H. E. Bishop of Innsbruck,
Mons. Hermann Glettler, to remove the blasphemous crucifix.

"Jesus Clock" is the name given to the work of an Austrian artist displayed within the sanctuary of the historic Spitalskirche in central Innsbruck, Austria. The upside-down wooden corpus projects from a mechanism on a shaft that is embedded in the torso. The severed arms of the sculpted icon of the Crucified mark the minutes and seconds on the timepiece. 

This is a scandal for Catholics, but not for the local bishop, Hermann Glettler, who approves and encourages this and other modern "works of art" in various churches of his diocese.

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 "As time passes, the arms form the different constellations and the static body of the dead Christ suddenly takes life, which represents a moment of liberation from the Cross and an overcoming of death itself," says the bishop when referring to the work.
This is an utter blasphemy and outrage against Our Lord Jesus Christ Who redeemed mankind upon the Cross.

During this Holy Week, Christ is being attacked and crucified again even by those within His Church.

Sign here to defend Jesus and console Him during His Passion.


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H. E. Bishop of Innsbruck
Mons. Hermann Glettler
Diocese of Innsbruck

Your Excellency,

We have learned with great dismay and sadness about the installation of a blasphemous crucifix in the hospital church in Innsbruck, your diocese. This contempt for the highest of all Christian symbols – the Cross of Christ – is actually a blasphemous act!

The crucifix was turned into a clock, with Jesus’ arms, broken off from the crucified body of Our Lord, serving as minute and second hands while the upside down corpus is supposed to display the hours.

Last but not least, this atrocity has been sold to the general public as a “work of art”.
Your Excellency has allowed this unspeakable act to take place precisely during Lent, when respect and veneration for the Cross and for our Crucified Lord should be the focus of society.

Lent is a time of conversion and repentance but also one for the exaltation of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Yet, Your Excellency has allowed the desecration of the Cross and Body of Our Crucified Lord, Whose painful and sacrificial death has brought salvation to humanity.

We appeal to Your Excellency to use your episcopal and pastoral powers to immediately put an end to this blasphemous act.

This shameless insult to God must not be allowed to continue defiling this time of fasting, contemplation, and repentance.

This blasphemous clock is ticking against the most important commandments of God and the Church.

It violates the first and highest commandment, to “love God above all things,” and the second commandment, “you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”

God deserves from His Church, and in this case from his bishop, the highest and most sincere act of love.

No! Our Sensus Fidei rejects any further delay, any looking away, any compromise!
What offends God, His Church and the faithful, cannot be art!
We appeal to Your Excellency to immediately have this object of scandal removed from the hospital church.

Confiding in the goodwill of your Excellency, we remain,