Tell TBS to cancel “Miracle Workers” now! February 14th, 2019

"Miracle Workers" is a disgusting blasphemy!

A new series by TBS titled, “Miracle Workers” mocks God, His holy angels and Heaven. The TV series portrays Heaven as a corporation with God as, to quote’s review, “a dimwitted slacker.” God’s angels are just flawed workers in Heaven Inc.

This portrayal of God, His Holy angels and Heaven is entirely irreverent and offensive!

Tell TBS to cancel “Miracle Workers” now!

How dare they depict God as a “dimwitted slacker”! There are scenes of “God” in his apartment, drinking beer, disheveled looking and apparently concerned with the chaotic situation on earth.

The solution? “God” decides to blow up the world.

One of his “angels,” who works in the answering prayers department, decides he is going to stop “God”.

This is just so offensive and messed up.

The show is filled with other horribly false portrayals of that which any God-fearing Christian would find sickening.

How dare TBS mock God Who is all-knowing, all-loving and Is Goodness itself!

Please show your outrage at this blatant attack on God. We must defend His Honor!


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To: Phil Kent, CEO of Turner Broadcasting

I am outraged at the new TBS series “Miracle Workers” for its blatant mockery of God, His Holy Angels, and Heaven. It is a false portrayal and an offensive jab at God-fearing Christians.

I demand that you cancel the show and apologize for the offensive content towards Christians.