Tell Showtime that SMILF is Horribly Anti-Catholic April 26th, 2018

Blasphemy is NOT a Right—It's a LIE and no one has the right to LIE!

Warning: The following email contains graphic content. Please read with caution.

The amount of filth and immorality publically promoted and accessible today is baffling. Again, an immoral show we have protested before, SMILF, pushes the moral boundaries and delves further into blasphemy.

Last email regarding SMILF, the show blatantly mocked the Lord’s Prayer by substituting words of reverence in the prayer. Now the show is outright blaspheming Mary, the Mother of God stating that she was raped and forced to give birth to Christ![1]

The main character, Bridgette, suggests that Saints “Matthew and Luke and whoever did some stuff to her…”

Blasphemy is NOT a Right—It's a LIE and no one has the right to LIE!

In addition to attacking the Blessed Mother, the show also takes a jab at the priesthood by including a homosexual kissing scene in the back of a church between a priest and another man.

At first, Rafi, a man struggling with many problems, says he needs a confession. The scene is full of expletives and ends with the man saying he’s messed up. The actor portraying a priest tells Rafi that he’s perfect and beautiful. Sadly, the priest goes to kiss the man.[2]

This show has no respect for the dignity of the office of the priesthood and should cease to promote scandalous lifestyles.

This show has gone too far and needs to be canceled.

Send your own message, be polite but be firm.

Johanna Fuentes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, Showtime:



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To Johanna Fuentes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications:

The series SMILF is a terrible attack on morality. It mocks Our Lord Jesus Christ by ridiculing the Lord’s Prayer.

The series promotes immoral lifestyles and blasphemy by mocking the Lord’s Prayer as seen in episode 2 called “1,800 Filet-o-Fishes & One Small Diet Coke.”

I ask that you apologize and cancel SMILF, which insults God and every God-fearing Christian.