Tell Nickelodeon to stop promoting the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality to our children September 12th, 2017

Nickelodeon promotes sinful homosexual lifestyle to our children!

Nickelodeon has a history of pushing homosexual themes and characters in their kid’s show, “The Loud House.”

Not only have they featured homosexual couples dropping of their kids at slumber parties, but in a recent episode titled, “L is for Love,” they go even further by following an attempt at a developing lesbian relationship. [1]

The main character is Lincoln Loud who is growing up in a house of ten sisters. One of the sisters, Luna, appears to have attractions towards both boys and girls. First she is seen having a crush on a boy, and now the series depicts her falling in love with another girl.

This simply is not a healthy theme for our innocent children.

Protect our Children from the Homosexual Agenda!

Luna sneaks a love letter into the locker of Sam, another girl at her school. She opens her locker, picks up the letter with her name and hearts drawn on it and reads it. Afterward, she and Luna smile.

We cannot allow the sinful homosexual agenda to corrupt the innocence of our children!

Tell Nickelodeon that what they are promoting a sinful lifestyle that is unhealthy for our children




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To: Cyma Zarghami, President of Nickelodeon

I protest the homosexual themes in your TV series, “The Loud House.”

You should be concerned for the innocence and well being of your young target audience, not with promoting the corruption of morals and virtue of the homosexual lifestyle.

For the love of our children, I ask you take down all previous episodes that depict and promote the unnatural and sinful homosexual lifestyle.