Tell NBC to STOP Bashing the Priesthood May 9th, 2018

Tell NBC to STOP bashing the Priesthood!

It seems the media just can’t get enough digs in against Catholicism.

In a recent episode of NBC’s sitcom, Champions, an impure jab was made against priests in general referring to them as pedophiles.

The scene opens up with two of the main characters, Vince and Matthew, both adult brothers, entering the classroom of the fictional high school, “Holy Martyrs Bleeding Feet Academy.” Matthew, it turns out, never graduated. In order help him adjust to the first day of school, Vince accompanies him.

As they enter the classroom, Vince notices that there are only girls and asks Sister Timothy, the teacher, “Where are all the boys?

Sister Timothy responds, “They proved a distraction to the priests. They had to go.”

Vince replies, “The boys had to go?”

Tell NBC to stop bashing the Priesthood!

• Holy Martyrs Bleeding Feet Academy.

• Sister Timothy.

• [boys] proved a distraction to the priests.

Could NBC stoop any lower with their base insinuations?

How dare they crack jokes about priests being pedophiles. This is insulting to the Priesthood.

The show Champions features a boy, Michael, who is a homosexual. It seems NBC has no problem with homosexual children…
…as long as they can bash the Priesthood. Hypocrites!

What else could we expect from homosexual playwrights. When Champions’ Charlie Grandy was asked about the homosexual character Michael, he responded with “you have gay writers on staff, and you have to take their lead.” 2

You do? Really?

Would it be fair to imply that all actors and movie producers are perverts because some are?

While there have been some Priests that were bad, they do not represent the Priesthood, whose Divine Model is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Like Judas before them, bad priests betray the Priesthood.

We cannot allow the ordained ministers of the Catholic Church to be denigrated and slandered. This is not comedy, but a grave offense.

Please sign here to protect the dignity of the office of the priesthood.




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To: Stephen B. Burke, CEO of NBC Universal,

I vehemently protest your portrayal of priests as pedophiles in your recent episode of Champions.

This is inaccurate, irreverent, obscene and offensive to Catholics. It shows no respect for the priesthood whose Divine Model is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask you to take down the episode and apologize for the contempt it shows.