Tell French President Macron NOT to Disfigure Notre Dame May 9th, 2019

 Help Save the Greatest Symbol of Christian Civilization!

After the tragic burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron opened up a contest for construction plans to rebuild the revered cathedral, but in an ugly modern fashion.

Many of the submissions are truly heartbreaking since they so disfigure the beautiful symbol, which Notre Dame represents. There seems to be a race to see whose plans can be the most bizarre and contrary to the spirit of the cathedral and the Catholic Church.

I’m asking you to voice your concern over these disturbing changes.

Sign here and tell the French President to restore Notre Dame to its original beauty!

As Americans, this too affects us. Notre Dame is not only a French symbol, but a truly Catholic symbol. As Catholics, we should be full of sorrow to see such a symbol disfigured by modern architects.

We cannot allow such a gem of Christian civilization and of our Catholic Faith to be desecrated!

Notre Dame, French for Our Lady, is a pearl amidst the ugliness of the modern world. For the love of the Mother of God, sign this petition.

Sign for everything Notre Dame represents.

Notre Dame isn’t just a building, a church or a tourist attraction.

Notre Dame Cathedral is a piece of heaven on earth whose beauty must be preserved.

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6,913 Supporters

Goal: 7500

To: President of France and the Minister of Culture

Mr. President,
Mr. Minister of Culture,

After the tragic fire that burnt much of Notre Dame, souls from all across the world have expressed their hope to see the cathedral restored to its original beauty.

I was shocked to hear that your reconstruction plans include a competition among international architects that aims for a “contemporary architectural gesture.”

To put modern art in Notre Dame would be to disfigure this symbol of medieval art that amazes 13 million visitors a year. It would be an attack on the Christian identity of France that would taint your government forever.

I join the French people who venerate Notre Dame of Paris as bequeathed to us by nine centuries of history, and ask you to restore the cathedral to its original beauty, and not to disfigure it by adding modern art.

Mr. President, Mr. Minister of Culture, along with my sincere regards, I send a message of concerned vigilance for the cathedral’s proper restoration.