Tell Fox to Stop this Vile Nonsense and Cancel Family Guy May 31st, 2018

Fox Broadcasting Company likes to play with fire!

Why do people hate God so much as to ridicule and virulently mock Him in some of the most ungrateful ways?

Another “adult cartoon” from Fox is bashing Jesus, religion and God. The show is called Family Guy and is produced by no other than a proclaimed atheist, Seth MacFarlane.

In the recent episode titled, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Peter,” Peter Griffin, the main character ends up in a coma where he encounters “God.” This character that is supposed to be God is vulgar, blasphemous, and mocks Our Lord Jesus Christ.

God the Father would never mock Our Lord!

Fox: Stop Disrespecting Our Lord!

In his coma, Peter asks “God” is he is real. After some discussion, “God” responds, “People think different things. I’m kind of like a nanny cam. The idea that I may exist is enough for some people to behave better.” Later on, “God” continues to explain that religion is “just blind subservience to an imaginary being.”[1]

If you think MacFarlane and Fox couldn’t stoop lower, read on.

“God” criticizes Peter for being a terrible parent. Peter bites back, “Oh, says Father of the Year.” The cartoon character playing “God” then responds blasphemously, “Oh, please. He played that for all it was worth. ‘Why hast thou forsaken me?’ You know what? I did him a favor.”

This is as low as it gets and sickening!

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To: Fox Broadcasting Company

Your recent Family Guy episode “Are You There God? It’s Me, Peter,” is extremely offensive towards Christians and above all disrespects God. The episode contains scenes, which trash religion, insist that God is not real, and that Our Lord “played” His Crucifixion.

As a Catholic, I am extremely offended and ask that you cancel the show immediately and issue an apology.