Tell Fox Broadcasting that Mocking Jesus in the Simpsons is Unacceptable May 25th, 2018

Fox Broadcasting Company thinks it's alright to mock God!

Only Our Lord Jesus Christ gets no respect!

Countless times He is the center of obscene, blasphemous and grossly indecent jokes, which mock His Goodness and Immaculate Purity directly.[1]

This time, the adult “comedy”, The Simpsons, is taking a jab at Our Lord in a recent episode titled, “Flanders’ Ladder.” To give some background, Bart Simpson, a main character, gets struck by lightning and enters into a coma. He then begins to have terrible nightmares that he has died and is being haunted by ghosts.

Bart isn’t Christian, but he still places tons of Crucifixes all over his tree house to “ward” off the ghosts. This jab implies that the Christians’ faith is superstitious.

Tell Fox to Stop Mocking Our Lord Jesus Christ!

From a jab to a direct attack.

A friend of Bart’s, Millhouse, pops into Bart’s tree house and asks what’s going on. He’s astonished to see how Bart is, “going to God now”.

He assures Bart as he pulls out a crucifix from under his shirt, “I always was. Look at those abs. The secret is less loaves, more fishes.”

Bart retorts that he doesn’t “believe is some dopey religion.” Rather, the crucifixes are, “to keep out ghosts.”

How dare they mock Christianity as a dopey religion! This is extremely offensive to the millions of Christians, not to mention offensive above all to God!

Please console the integrity and honor Our Lord and sign this petition to tell Fox to stop offending Him!




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To: Fox Broadcasting Company

Your recent Simpsons episode Flanders’ Ladder is extremely offensive towards Christians and morally obscene. First, Millhouse mocks Our Lord Jesus Christ by referring indecently towards Our Lord’s abs as he is hanging from the Cross, dying.

Second, Bart Simpson refers to Christianity as a dopey religion. Christianity is the only TRUE religion and it’s gravely offensive to call it dopey.

As a Catholic, I am extremely offended and ask that you cancel the show immediately and issue an apology.