Tell Facebook to Stop Censoring the Truth March 29th, 2016

What was Autumn Bennett’s unforgivable “crime” on Facebook?

She created a Facebook page promoting safe locker rooms called “Keep Locker Rooms Safe” (KLRS). Her page criticized the absurd notion that biological males should be given free access to locker rooms for young girls and ladies, because such a violation of privacy will open the door for sexual predators.

But transgender activists came unglued with her page.

In fact, because of an anonymous complaint, Facebook closed her pro-family page. Her page, designed to protect children and family values, was shut down immediately, and Mrs. Bennett and her family have been threatened with violent and vulgar threats ever since.

You see, Facebook allows “freedom of speech” as long as it coincides with their strict policy of political correctness. Yet they censor family values.

All Autumn Bennett was trying to do was to keep the most vulnerable in society from sharing transgender locker rooms with the opposite biological sex.

Tell FaceBook owner Mark Zuckerberg to stop censoring the truth

Here is a well-documented video exposing the sexual aggressions that occur when transgender bathrooms and locker rooms are enforced.  Please view here with caution.

The homosexual agenda is feverishly promoting transgenderism now and whoever does not fall in line with this new transgender dictatorship risks being violently targeted. Everyone must pretend like biology is fluid.

However, it is biologically impossible to change God’s plan. Even with surgery, the biological makeup of each human cell is unalterable and is forever stamped with either male or female code. Feelings do not change biology or reality.  

Therefore, we must not accept the fantasy of transgenderism. Nor should we allow our children to accept transgender locker rooms and bathrooms, which not only undermines the virtue of modesty and innocence, but also makes them targets for sexual predators.

We must support Autumn Bennett in her heroic efforts to expose transgender locker rooms for what they are. She has created a new page on Facebook to “Keep Locker Rooms Safe” because she refuses to be intimidated by intolerant and vulgar threats.

According to the Daily Wire, Bennett said: “morality, liberty, and freedom are still a thing in this country, and I will be damned if I let them shut me up…  I won't lie, it is a bit scary, especially the fact that they [are] seeking to find out where I work and the violent threats, but I believe that truth is on my side and I see no reason to back down. This is for our kids and our future as a country.”

Tell Mark Zuckerberg to STOP censoring the truth

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Mark Zuckerberg;
Founder of FaceBook,

Autumn Bennett’s Facebook page has been closed for telling the truth in a non-inflammatory, non-hateful way. She attempted to alert the public that by making locker rooms transgender, they become a haven for sexual predators.

FaceBook censored true, free and decent speech simply because it does not align with the politically correct guidelines imposed by the homosexual agenda.

Please correct this wrongful action by allowing the public to voice dissenting opinions and stop censoring the truth.