Tell Disney to stop promoting the unhealthy homosexual lifestyle to our children March 14th, 2017

I am horrified to tell you that Disney is
promoting homosexuality to our children.

Do we really want “a nice, exclusively gay moment”
for our innocent children?

Disney's new version of the movie Beauty and the Beast includes a homosexual love scene that promotes homosexuality to children.

Protect your child’s innocence from the ravages of the homosexual agenda and tell Disney Enough is Enough. This is not entertainment and above all, it’s not for children.

Sadly, on March 17, Disney’s new movie Beauty and the Beast will be in a theater near you. 

Why is this so sad? 

The director of the movie Bill Condon stated there would be "a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie."

Our children’s morality and innocence are at stake and promoting homosexuality is very wrong, especially for children. 

Tell Disney that we will not tolerate the destruction of morality and acceptance of sodomy. Period. 

Please—protect the Innocence of Our Children!

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To Disney:

I protest the remake of Beauty and the Beast, where homosexuality sin is presented as normal to children.

This contradicts God’s law and it is a danger for our impressionable children.

I urge you to cancel this film at once. Stop promoting homosexuality. Stop endangering our children!