Tell Disney NO homosexual characters in Jungle Cruise August 16th, 2018

Disney wants our children to think homoseuality is normal

Disney productions are at it again… forcing the homosexual agenda down the throats of our children with a homosexual character in the upcoming Jungle Cruise!

Our children have had to be exposed to homosexual day at Disney theme parks, homosexual tainted movies such as the Beauty and the Beast, In a Heartbeat and Frozen, plus we are subjected to Disney merchandise that openly promotes the unnatural lifestyle. Even one of the writers of the movie Frozen has suggested that she is interested in making Elsa a lesbian in the sequel.

Tell Disney to stop promoting the unnatural lifestyle of homosexuality

These movies are not entertainment nor are they suited for our children.

They are open homosexual propaganda.

Tell Disney you don’t want homosexuality in your child’s entertainment

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid the moral perversion that movies present and it’s a shame that the wholesome entertainment once provided by Disney has gone by the wayside.


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To CEO of Disney, Robert Allen Iger,

I am shocked at the blatant promotion of the homosexual agenda demonstrated in the annual “gay day,” Beauty and the Beast, In a Heartbeat and Disney merchandise.

It is now rumored that you are casting a homosexual character in an upcoming movie called Jungle Cruise.

I implore you to strike any homosexual reference in the upcoming movie Jungle Cruise and support the traditional family values originally shown by Walt Disney himself.