Sign Now, Tell Delta: No Perverted Movies In-flight! November 8th, 2019

Perverts want to watch homosexual porn while flying;
Delta thinks that’s just fine!

Imagine flying on a plane with your little children and the person sitting next to you is watching a filthy movie containing homosexual and unnatural acts?

Delta Air Lines plans to permit such objectionable content after receiving backlash from a minority of pro-homosexual activists for providing censored versions of two movies focused on homosexuality that contained graphic immoral scenes.

The two movies are “Rocketman,” based on the life of open homosexual singer, Elton John, and “Booksmart,” a movie about two lesbian high school girls. These would be NC-17 movies: No One 17 and Under Admitted. Clearly adult. Children are not admitted, by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Shame on Delta Air Lines for caving in to the homosexual agenda. I thought their focus was promoting competitive air travel.

These movies contain homosexual acts and nudity!

Your child could be exposed to such filth by simply sitting next to a person viewing it.

Being exposed to cigarette smoke is harmful, but what about being exposed to homosexual scenes on the screen in the seat next to you!

Tell Delta Air Lines to pull the immoral movies from their in-flight entertainment.

In addition to the explicitly immoral scenes, the movies themselves pose another danger and threat. They normalize the unnatural vice of homosexuality.

Delta claimed that they want their in-flight entertainment to “reflect the diversity of the world.”

What about the pure and chaste, are they included? Will Delta cater to those who want to practice purity and chastity and not be exposed to perverted filth?

Sign here to protest Delta’s decision to allow movies promoting sodomy and sexually explicit scenes for their in-flight entertainment.

Remember, your child could easily be exposed to this perversion. Sign to protect our children!


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