Tell David’s Bridal to Stop Promoting Unnatural Vice! January 10th, 2019

Marriage has, and always will be, between one man and one woman!

A recent TV ad “Rewriting the rules” by a US-based wedding retailer, David’s Bridal, for the first time in company history, depicted two women dancing in bridal gowns.

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What kind of message does this give?

The message David Bridal’s chief marketing officer Liz Crystal offered is, “We value every type of bride.”

Meaning, by their ad, David's Bridal upholds values which are directly contrary to true marriage and family.

The promotion of the unnatural lifestyle of sodomy is unacceptable. How can a wedding retailer, one who caters to marriages, promote that which is anti-marriage?

The primary purpose of marriage is the perpetuation of the human race and the raising of children. God instituted as such: “Be fruitful and multiply.”

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With homosexuality, that is biologically impossible. It is naturally sterile.

Above all, this TV ad by David's Bridal offends God. Whenever one violates the natural moral order established by God, one sins and offends God. Same-sex “marriage” does just this.

Accordingly, anyone who professes to love God must be opposed to it.


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To: Liz Crystal, Chief Marketing Officer

Your recent television ad for David’s Bridal depicting two brides dancing is absolutely abhorrent. The ad promotes a sinful lifestyle that is contrary to natural law.

I strongly ask that you pull the ad and promote true marriage; the one between one man and one woman.