Tell Comedy Central to STOP bashing the Catholic Church October 11th, 2018

Comedy Central opens fire on Catholic Church

Only the Catholic Church gets no respect. 

Recently, a notorious adult cartoon by Comedy Central, South Park, featured an episode, “A Boy and a Priest,” which blasphemously insults the Catholic Church by referring to Her as a cancer.

The show is rife with pedophilia jokes being cracked by the townspeople during the sermon of the cartoon "priest," Father Maxi. The “priest” decides not to perform Mass the next week and hang out with a child.1

You see where this is going?

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The townspeople begin to worry and call the Archdiocese, which stated, “Oh, not another one!” More sexually obscene jokes were made that I cannot write here. 

But the main blasphemy is actually uttered by Father Maxi. 

Finally frustrated, Father Maxi vents to a child character, “There's things you don't know! … I knew. Years ago, when bad things started coming out about the Catholic Church.”

“I thought there was a cancer in the Church that we could get rid of. But the Church is the cancer.”

This is a filthy blasphemy!

How dare the producers of South Park refer to the divine institution founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago as a cancer!

Clearly, this is a cowardly attack on the Catholic Church. They are taking advantage of the all-out assault of the institution of the Church by the media.

We cannot destroy the Sacred institution of Catholicism because of the sins of a few bad clergy.

We must be aware of the risk of inadvertently joining those who are taking advantage of the moral decay of members of the hierarchy and clergy to destroy the sacred structures of Holy Mother Church.2

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Repeated reports of sexual abuse by ecclesiastics understandably provoke legitimate and healthy outrage. However, this outrage must be expressed carefully and sensibly.

This does not mean that the Catholic Church can be mocked and blasphemed.

In a recent episode of South Park, “A Boy and a Priest,” multiple blasphemous and sexually deviant jokes and attacks were made against the Catholic Church. The worst was calling the Catholic Church a cancer.

This is offensive to Catholics and above all Our Lord Jesus Christ because the reports of sexual abuse do not change the sacredness of the 2,000-year-old Institution.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church has always taught that purity is the answer.

I demand that you apologize for having offended over 1 billion Catholics and that you take down the episode.