Tell CBS That YOU Don’t Support Drag Queens or Planned Parenthood May 14th, 2020

Hollywood is at it again!

The famous TV game show on CBS network, The Price is Right at Night has recently donated almost $100,000 to the notorious abortion promoter, Planned Parenthood.

But that’s not all…

The episode featured a celebrity drag queen who goes by the name of RuPaul. According to Yahoo News, the show would match the money of the contestants’ winnings and donate it to RuPaul’s choice of a charity.

The drag queen’s choice actually was Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion promoter in the United States.

This is sick!

Many fans of the show are upset and boycotting the show for their support of the killing of innocent children.

Also, the show was a stage to promote the perverted drag queen lifestyle of RuPaul.

Here we see how the abortion movement and transgender ideology converge. They are both immoral and are cut from the same cloth. They fight for the same goal.

The nearly $100,000 donated by The Price is Right show is going to go to funding an organization that profits off of the slaughter of innocent children, and that is just wrong.


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Dear CBS,
I protest your network’s promotion of a drag queen and abortion in a recent episode of the Price is Right featuring RuPaul. At his request, The Price is Right made a significant donation to Planned Parenthood. Please stop supporting abortion and homosexuality.