Tell Amazon to stop promoting immorality and marital infidelity August 15th, 2017

Amazon promotes a twisted version of modern "marriage" in new show

Media today is getting worse and worse by the day.

Amazon recently produced an Original series titled, “I Love Dick.” The whole first season is filled with immorality and sexual promiscuity portraying marriage as some type of free love fest.

With the institution of marriage under attack by proponents of same-sex “marriage,” this is the last thing we need for entertainment.

The series revolves around a married couple whose marriage is suffering. They move to a small town in Texas where they meet a man named Dick. The wife begins to write sexually explicit love letters to this man.

What’s worse, the wife shares these letters with her husband who doesn’t deter her. With no regard to protecting the sacred union of their marriage, the husband begins to incorporate the content of these unfaithful and immoral letters into their own marriage.

Tell Amazon to stop promoting adultery!

Reviewers of the TV series say that the sexual obsessions are liberating to the main actress![1]

This sounds more like Sigmund Freud than TV critics.

To say that sexual obsessions are liberating is a lie because sin enslaves a soul, while virtue liberates. Ask anyone who takes heroin how liberated they became by acting upon their unruly passions.

The show is chock full of bizarre sexual content that would not be appropriate for me to describe in a letter to friends. Suffice it to say that several characters, both male and female, become entangled in an obsessive sexual infatuation with one another.

This show is what was always called porn that now Amazon pawns off as a depiction of modern marriage.

It is nothing more than another attack on the sacred institution of marriage. Tell Amazon to promote purity, not twisted infidelity.

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To Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon:

Your Amazon Original series, I Love Dick is gross and immoral and promotes marital infidelity and sin.

Rather than producing shows that aim to destroy the sacred institution of marriage by glamourizing adultery, Amazon should help strengthen the family and promote the virtue of chastity.

I ask you to take down the perverse show.