Tell AHOY Comics That Blasphemy is NOT Entertainment March 28th, 2019

Please tell AHOY Comics that blasphemy is not entertainment!

Recent protests against the blasphemous Second Coming comic book series have been successful!

DC/Vertigo, a major comic book publisher, had planned to publish the blasphemous series in March. However, they encountered several petition drives, including one from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

We were pleased to announce that the publisher had decided not to publish the comic.

However, a new publisher has been chosen to feature the horrendously blasphemous comic, AHOY Comics.

Tom Peyer, editor-in-chief of AHOY Comics stated, "We understand that the publication of SECOND COMING will get a strong reaction and we support Mark and Richard's satiric vision."

By the grace of God, through petitions and raising their voices, hundreds of thousands of concerned Christians were able to get the comic canceled once.

We can do this again! Our Lord's honor is at stake. Our cause is noble, so we can be 100% sure that Christ is on our side.

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Current Signatures: 10,182
Signature Goal: 11000
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To: Tom Peyer, Editor-in-Chief of AHOY Comics

I am deeply offended by your future publication, “Second Coming.” This comic is blasphemous and offensive to every Christian.

It is horrendous and portrays Our Lord Jesus Christ as a failure, with God the Father being ashamed of His Son.

I demand that you halt the planned publication of the blasphemous series, “Second Coming.”