Sign Now—HBO Series “New Pope” Mocks the Papacy and the Church! January 18th, 2020

Attacking the Papacy Only Serves the Devil

I want to warn you that what I about to tell is extremely graphic and painful to relate, but it is so horrid that something must be done about it.

I know you are a person with a special love for the Papacy and our holy Faith.

HBO has released a new series, “The New Pope,” which is a sequel to the sexually graphic “The Young Pope,” which The American TFP has protested in the past.

This new series is another filthy and impure attack on the Papacy and the Holy Catholic Church.

Protest HBO’s blasphemous attack on the Catholic Church and Papacy

The plot is about a young American “pope” (Pius XIII) who goes into comatose. In the meantime, a new “pope” (John Paul III) is chosen. Shortly afterward, the Pius XIII in comatose awakes, leaving “two popes.”

To give you an idea, news headlines read:

  • How HBO’s Kinky, Sex-Crazed ‘The New Pope’ Compares to Netflix’s Oscar-Nominated ‘The Two Popes’
  • Review: ‘The New Pope’ on HBO: Faith, Hope and Sponge Baths
  • Watch the First Teaser for ‘The New Pope,’ HBO’s Sexy Show About the Papacy commented that the series “feels like a blasphemous fever dream.”

Caution: Graphic Content

More disgusting details about the show according to news reviews of the show:

  • “Speedo-clad Law (actor playing one pope) leisurely gallops through a beach amidst several bikini-wearing women…”
  • “Opening credits play over recurring scenes of cloistered nuns shrugging off their shapeless smocks and dancing before a towering neon cross.”

This is sick!

The Catholic Church never gets the respect that She deserves! How come the producers of this show and HBO think they can ridicule, mock, blaspheme, and defame the Catholic Church?

I won’t stand for this. I am a faithful Catholic who will defend the Catholic Church and the Papacy.

The HBO series, “The New Pope,” is a filthy mockery of the Church that needs to be canceled immediately.

Please sign this petition to get this show canceled.


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HBO series, “The New Pope,” is scandalous and anti-Catholic. It is a great offense against God and millions of Catholics.

The show mocks the Papacy and the Catholic Church and is rife with impurity, which is just downright inappropriate and blasphemous.

CANCEL the show immediately.