Sign Here to Urge Fox to Stop Attacking Christmas December 19th, 2019

Fox creates another perverted idea of Christmas!

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior. We should be preparing ourselves spiritually for His coming which brought about the defeat of sin and salvation for man.

Fox Entertainment’s Family Guy cartoon series is promoting sin and horrendous perversion in its most recent episode, whereby a teenage main character, Megan has a sexual encounter with a mall Santa.

There all seems to be much sexual innuendo mixed throughout the episode.

It doesn’t stop there.

Afterwards, the teenage Megan has a dream where she has a sexual encounter with Santa.

Eventually, the rest of the episode is dedicated to Megan trying to find the same mall Santa, and succeeds in a parking lot outside of a mall.

The cartoon character playing the mall Santa talks with the teenager saying, “I know what each and every person needs for Christmas.”


Family Guy is portraying a perverted scene with a pedophile Santa and a teenage girl!

Defend the honor of Our Lord’s birth!

Enough with the immorality! The true reason for Christmas is the diametric opposite of the sin that Fox Entertainment is promoting.

The Savior’s birth is the reason. His coming to defeat and destroy sin is why we celebrate Christmas.

This show is abominable and should be canceled.

Please honor the Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Mother Mary, and St. Joseph her most chase spouse this Christmas, and take a stand against perverting Christmas.


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To: Fox Broadcasting Company

Your recent Family Guy episode, involving sexual perversion with Megan and a mall Santa is extremely offensive towards Christians and above all disrespects Jesus Christ, the reason for Christmas.

The episode contains sexually disturbing scenes which involve a teenage character and a grown man pretending to be Santa.

I am extremely offended and ask that you cancel the show immediately and issue an apology.