Sign Here to Protest Netflix’s Filthy and Perverted Teen Drama February 13th, 2020

Netflix has tons of streaming videos that are pure filth and garbage. The series, Sex Education, is gross, inappropriate and directed at teens.

The series, with a TV-MA (mature audiences only) rating, is in its second season with an opening scene showcasing the main teen character committing impure self-abuse.

The show is full of and centered around impurity. According to two teen-oriented web sites, Seventeen and Teen Vogue, the show is:

   •  “seriously a must-watch,”
   •  “one of the most refreshing shows about growing up and adolescent sexuality.”
“ability to take on issues involving LGBTQ teens, consent, and abortion appropriately, while still providing a hilarious bought of comic relief.”

According to Netflix’s details on the show, it’s:

   •  Raunchy
   •  Irreverent
   •  Falls under the genre of Teen and LGBTQ TV shows

In addition to exposing viewers to sexual promiscuity, the homosexual agenda is promoted.

According to Teen Vogue, the Netflix series is “one of the queerest teen comedies ever.”

This show is perverted and must be stopped! Sign here to stop the corruption of morality that Netflix is facilitating and even targeting teens.


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To: Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix

I am appalled and sickened by the filthy and perverted series, Sex Education that is available for viewing on Netflix.

It is sick and provides a distorted view of sexuality, which corrupts especially teens, the target audience.

I demand you cancel the show.

Promote a culture of virtue and purity, not vice and lust.