Protest the “Soft” Persecution of the Church in California August 20th, 2020

Is there a religious persecution in California?

It is not a formal persecution like the one in Communist China. But the State has imposed so many restrictions upon Church life that it makes ordinary worship difficult. Catholics are locked out of their Churches. All services must be outside.

In San Francisco, outdoor Masses are limited to 12 persons! 

These restrictions are in place until further notice. Some say Gov. Newsom will force the Church to wait until a vaccine or therapy is developed. This could take months… or even years.

Meanwhile, retail stores can to operate at 50 percent capacity. Pre-planned protests can go ahead unhindered. Abortion clinics remain open, as do marijuana dispensaries.

This is outrageous! It discriminates against the Church when the Faithful need her the most!

I don’t know of any other state that has taken such a stand. But I know if this happens in California, it could spread to other states. That is why it is important that you and I protest.

We can’t be silent in the face of these actions.

Catholics should not be locked out of their churches in America.

Will you take a moment to sign this petition to Gov. Newsom and let your voice be heard!


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To: Governor Gavin Newsom

The religious persecution that is taking place against Catholics in California is reprehensible. Why do stores, abortion clinics, marijuana dispensaries, and pre-planned protests enjoy more freedom than God-fearing Californians who just want to go to Church?

This is religious persecution and wrong. Catholics should not be locked out of their churches.

I protest your restrictions and demand that Catholics be allowed to practice the Faith freely.