Protest Netflix Perverted, Bestial Cartoon, It’s Pure Garbage! September 4th, 2020

Netflix is notorious for some of the most offensive and inappropriate content for streaming.

Hoops, a newly released cartoon series on Netflixfalls to a new level of baseness and vulgarity that is too profane to repeat.

The show revolves around a high school basketball coach and his failing team, which are minors. In one episode, Ben gives the teenagers online access to his account with a pornography website.

Sign Here to Protest Netflix’s Filthy Cartoon, Hoops

But the show continues to spiral downward.

Ben tries to scout out a 16-year-old high school student for his team, hoping to better their chances of winning a game. His plot is to get a prostitute to win the teenager over.

In another episode titled, “Ethics,” Ben talks to his players about drug use and bestiality.

Just read what online reviewers have to say about the show:

  • “In all seriousness, Season 1 might set a Guinness World Record for use of the words “d***” and “f***” — the profane repetition is only numbing.”
  • Comment on “I like the fact that it dares to bring vulgarity to the kids in 2020.”
  • FanBoyNation:  Hoops is a show that is gleefully profane. Minute after minute unleashes a barrage of expletives upon the viewer even if its multitude of F-bombs doesn’t always yield laughs.
  • The show is simply so inappropriate that its R-rated jokes are hardly shocking.

Hoops is full of sexual profanity and pornographic language that is too disgusting even to relate.

Sign Here to Protest Netflix’s Filthy Cartoon, Hoops 

While the series has a TV-MA rating, for mature audiences, adults should be scandalized by such garbage.


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To: Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix

I am appalled and sickened by the filthy and perverted series, Hoops, that is available for viewing on Netflix. 

It is so perverted that adults should be scandalized. 

I demand you cancel the show and promote a culture of virtue and purity, not vice and lust.