Protest HBO’s Filthy Show Mocking the Lord’s Prayer! September 12th, 2019

Mocking the Our Father is Mocking God!

Read with caution: Graphic Content

HBO recently aired on Sept. 9 an episode of their notoriously immoral show, The Deuce, which contains a scene porn filming whereby one of the actresses utters a parody of the Our Father while performing immoral acts.

In the episode, the actress is told to talk during the immoral scene like she is praying. After blasphemously uttering the first few words, “Oh, Father who is in heaven, forgive me for my sins…,” the porn director tells her to stop and say something else.

She then apologizes saying, “Oops, sorry. Lapsed Catholic.”

This is absolutely horrible.

Enough with the trashing of Holy Mother Church!

Why is it that Our Lord and His Church never get respect?

Why is it okay to blaspheme God?

Can we just sit here and watch everything which we hold to be holy and pure be mocked?

We cannot just let the enemies of the Church trample upon our Catholic Faith.

Join the protest of HBO’s downright sinful and degenerate series, The Deuce, and respectfully demand that they cancel this filth.

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To: Richard Plepler, CEO of HBO

I am appalled by the TV show, “The Deuce,” which in a recent September 9, 2019 episode blasphemed the Lord’s Prayer in an immoral scene. The show is demeaning, inappropriate and immoral. It is offensive to Catholics and above all, God.

I respectfully demand you immediately take down the show and apologize for such offensive content.