Protest Family Guy’s Sick Blasphemy Against Our Lord! May 28th, 2020

Family Guy is at it again with more blasphemous insults against Our Lord! In a recent episode titled, “Holly Bibble,” the cartoon family is stuck in a hotel room due to a hurricane.

The main character, Peter Griffin, pulls out a Bible to read, and Lois, the wife refers to the Bible as, “Harry Potter for stupid people.”

Peter then starts telling Bible stories.

This is where it gets graphic.

The creators of Family Guy turn the Last Supper into a blasphemous parody, with sexual innuendos.

Peter, portrayed as Jesus, insultingly paraphrases Our Lord’s words, “Okay, good. Here’s the bread. Now everybody listen up. Take this and eat it. It’s supposed to be, like, my body.”

Another character responds, “Ew, what part?”

Peter Griffin responds with a sexual innuendo that is too graphic to describe.

The scene goes on further to mock the turning of wine into the Precious Blood of Our Savior.

Outrageous! The creators of Family Guy need to stop insulting and mocking Our Lord. As Catholics, we know how sacred the Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord is. How dare the creators of this show insult him.

Please help defend Our Lord’s honor. Protest this sick cartoon and stand up for Our Lord!


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To: Fox Broadcasting Company

Your recent Family Guy episode “Holly Bibble,” is extremely offensive towards Catholics and above all disrespects Our Lord. The episode contains sexual innuendos regarding the Last Supper.

As a Catholic, I am extremely offended and ask that you cancel the show immediately and issue an apology.