Protest Cartoon Network’s Promotion of Same-Sex “Marriage” to Our Children! June 13th, 2019

Protect Our Children’s Innocence from Cartoon Network’s Selling of Sin!

The homosexual movement has hijacked the month of June. The month traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, has now been promoted as "Pride" month, where sin and sodomy are celebrated.

A further crime is the promotion of unnatural vice to younger audiences, especially young children.

That is what Cartoon Network is doing.

Available for purchase on their online store is their "Made of Love: The Ruby and Sapphire Collection." Items are based off a cartoon, Steven Universe, whose characters are "magical humanoid aliens"/gems.

The two characters Ruby and Sapphire are portrayed in the cartoon as a same-sex couple who get "married."

Protest Cartoon Network's promotion of same-sex “marriage” to children!

Up for sale on their website are:

  • Rainbow flag pins
  • Pins with the two "married" same-sex characters in wedding outfits
  • Rainbow patch flag with words, "Made of Love"
  • Pillows and tote bags depicting the two same-sex characters kissing and holding hands at their "wedding"
  • Items with the "wedding vows" of the same-sex couple

This is horrible and perverted.

Please defend the innocence of the children that are being exposed to such items that promote an unnatural and deviant lifestyle.


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To: Christina Miller, CEO of Cartoon Network

The selling of pro-homosexual items, the “Made of Love: Ruby and Sapphire Collection,” based off of your show, Steven Universe, is an attack upon the innocence of children who could come across it on your website.

Cartoon Network appeals mainly toward children who are extremely impressionable. These types of items should not be promoted for anyone, especially children.

I demand they be taken down. Promote virtue, not vice.