Protect Our Children—Tell Mattel, NO to Transgender Barbie Dolls! October 4th, 2019

Selling transgender dolls to children is despicable.

One of the most famous doll companies is trying to force the transgender ideology on little children.

Mattel, the toy company that makes Barbie is coming out with “gender-neutral” dolls, to be, according to them, “a reflection of culture…as the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity.”

The dolls come with clothes, accessories and even hairstyles that are neither specifically male or female.

Senior vice president of Mattel Fashion Design, Kim Culmone, stated they wanted, “to create a doll line free of labels.”

According to Time Magazine, “the doll can be a boy, a girl, neither or both.”

Mattel is attacking our most vulnerable with a poisonous agenda. Children, especially at a young age, are susceptible.

Tell Mattel to stop promoting transgender ideology with “gender-neutral” dolls!

Mattel tweeted, “In our world, dolls are as limitless as the kids who play with them. Introducing #CreatableWorld, a doll line designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in. #AllWelcome”

This is beyond despicable.

These dolls not only affect the children who play with them, but even other children who might see these aberrations on a store shelf next to other toys. They are prone to being desensitized and accustomed to such immorality.

This is very serious. The innocence of the next generation is at stake. We can’t let Mattel destroy that.

Help me fight for our children’s innocence and tell Mattel to stop shoving the immoral transgender ideology on them.

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To: Mattel

I am astonished at the blatant forcing of transgender ideology on children with your new line of Barbie doll that are so called, “gender-neutral.”

God created mankind as male and female. This cannot change no matter what.

Your company is endangering the innocence of susceptible children by offering them a poisonous ideology that contradicts nature.

I strongly demand that you stop promoting an immoral and dangerous lifestyle as a model for children to “express” themselves.