Pledge a Rosary asking Our Lady to Protect the Church in Face of Pan-Amazon Synod October 18th, 2019

Please pray for a holy outcome from the Synod

Your prayers are needed!

It’s time to call upon heaven to aid us in the spiritual battle for the very thing that we love most, the One, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Disturbing news is coming out about the Pan-Amazon Synod and the desire to change the face of the Church to be more tribal, an Amazon church.

We can’t sit by and allow Holy Mother Church to be disfigured!

So far, according to news reports there has been:

•  Talk of married priest, women deacons, and women priests
•  Seemingly pagan ceremonies with unclad female wooden figures
•  Pantheistic themes that promote radical ecology

Join this spiritual crusade and pledge a rosary asking Our Lady to protect the Church!

In her own words, Our Lady said, “You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.”

We must have recourse to Our Lady.

The proportion of this crisis needs a proportional solution.

A Marxist liberation theologian, Frei Betto, said that the Pan-Amazon Synod was, “a window of opportunity before us that will allow us to move forward.”

How can breaking with the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church be considered good!

This is why we must pray the rosary! The Rosary will help save the Church in this terrible crisis She is in.


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I pledge to pray the Rosary for Holy Mother Church, and that Our Lady may protect Her from the many disturbing proposals coming out of the Pan-Amazon Synod.