Neflix Promotes Abortion as Entertainment: Cancel Your Subscription Now July 27th, 2018

Netflix thinks promoting abortion is entertainment.

There has been a lot of filthy and downright immoral things being produced and aired on Netflix recently. Everything from cartoons promoting superhero drag queens and pedophilia, movies showcasing child pornography and most recently, comedian Michelle Wolf dedicating an episode of her show to abortions titled, “Salute to Abortions.”

This isn’t entertainment, it’s leftist propaganda!

Boycott Netflix now!

Father John Rapisarda, a priest in Baltimore Maryland, recently made waves when he wrote a letter to Netflix stating that he was canceling his subscription due to Michelle Wolf’s crass and obscene episode promoting abortion.

In his letter, Fr. Rapisarda details why abortion is wrong and how the show declaring “God Bless abortion” is not funny or edgy. He continues saying, “It is hateful and blasphemous.”[1]

Fr. Rapisarda is taking a good stance and we should join him in his boycott of Netflix.

Join Fr. Rapisarda in boycotting Netflix

Offending God, promoting pedophilia and child pornography is not entertainment and Netflix needs to hear that from you.




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To: Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer

I am sickened by the blatant immorality that is being produced and promoting by Netflix. Many of your shows promote child pornography, pedophilia and abortion. These are wrong and immoral.

In union with Father John Rapisarda, I will cancel my membership with you due to the depraved immorality your company promotes and encourage everyone I know to do the same.