Make Reparation to Our Lady for Pop Singer’s Blasphemy! July 25th, 2019

Please console Our Lady whose purity is mocked.

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Recently, the infamously anti-Catholic singer, Madonna, posted on her Instagram account a picture that is disturbing and horrifying.

She posed scantily clad with a small statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary covering her cleavage.

This is a blatant attack on the purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

This is uncalled for.

Make reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary now!

We must make reparation now for the impure attack on Our Lady. Our Lady is the Holy Virgin of Virgins, without stain of sin or impurity.

Madonna blasphemously poses with a statue of Our Lady in a most degrading manner.

How Our Lady must be so sad.

What did the Mother of God ever do to Madonna to deserve such filthy treatment?

Please console Our Lady for the horrible affront against her holy purity.


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Oh Mary Most Pure, Queen of Virgins, I offer thee reparation for the offenses committed against thy most pure and Immaculate Heart.

Have pity on those who have recourse to thee.