Tell to Stop Promoting Satanism August 29th, 2019

Satan is evil and evil has no rights!

Keep America Safe from Satanism!

Satanism is starting to be mainstreamed at an alarming rate.

There’s a new sinister documentary titled, “Hail Satan?” that is now available for rental on the website, The movie is about the rise of The Satanic Temple and its members, and is a major piece of propaganda for Satanism in America.

News reports about the documentary depict members of the Satanic Temple as “merry pranksters” who don’t even believe in Satan.

Many prominent movie reviewers say this documentary shows the Satanists in a harmless light. To give a few examples:

•  “…Hail Satan?, a witty and informative look… sympathizes with the “Satanists” …merry pranksters …counterbalance to the repressiveness of other organized religions.
•  “debunks misrepresentations about the Satanic Temple…the group’s members, who are prone to public misunderstanding,…Leading the movement is affable and level-headed co-founder Lucien Greaves, …this thought-provoking film details the rise of a charming group of outsiders who challenge the murky, religion-tinted actions of U.S. political establishments.
•  “To them [TST members], Satan doesn’t represent evil…Greaves and his disciples just want most people to think the Satanists have a point. Hail freedom!”
•  This is horrendous and a pure lie. After all, Satan is the father of lies!

The Satanic Temple’s activities don’t suggest that they are just a bunch of “merry pranksters.” An online press report gives some idea of their activities.

•  Bloodletting rituals (cheek-through-cheek piercings, etc.)
•  Invocation and Destruction rituals
•  Ongoing screaming of “AVE SATANA! HAIL SATAN!”

Help stop the normalization of Satanism and the lie that Satanism is not really all that bad.

Satanism is evil, horrible, ugly, and offensive to Almighty God.


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To: Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer ( is a Netflix Company)

I strenuously object to the documentary movie “Hail Satan?”

It’s been said that the greatest accomplishment of Satan, arch-enemy of mankind is to get people to believe he doesn’t exist, but this movie takes Satanism into the mainstream.

Satanism is evil!

And Satan is not to be trifled with.

Stop the promotion of this movie!