Join Us for a Rosary of Reparation for Idol Worship at the Vatican on December 12! December 2nd, 2019


Who would ever have thought that pagan Incan idols would be venerated at the Vatican in Rome?

Yet, that is exactly what happened over the course of the month-long Pan-Amazon Synod. It started in the Vatican Gardens on October 4, 2019.

• There was a ceremony with a ring of people, including one in a Franciscan habit, who prostrated themselves before statues of the “Pachamama,” an indecent naked and pregnant idol of the goddess of fertility representing “mother earth.”

• The Pachamama idols were given a place of honor at church ceremonies throughout the synod including St. Peter’s Basilica.

• Multiple copies of the idols were placed in the Church of Santa Maria Transpontina in Rome for the Synod.

Such an outrage demands reparation! It demands faithful souls who will appear before God and the Blessed Mother to beg pardon for this denial of Church teaching and practice.

Can you not spare a few minutes to offer a rosary of reparation this coming December 12?

We ask and encourage you to join us in a national act of reparation. We ask you to pray a Rosary any time on this day for the intention of reparation to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the outrage of idol worship in the Vatican.

Let us also pray that the crisis in the Church cease and the world will return to the worship of the One True God.


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I will join faithful Catholics in praying the Most Holy Rosary in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the outrage of idol worship in the Vatican.