The Church Shall Prevail

While the Church is weathering the storm of scandals and reformist initiatives, the faithful are also weathering storms of their own. They must confront their own shaken confidence. They must respond to those inside the Church who want to change Church teaching. They must respond to those outside the Church who do not understand Catholic governing structures.

The TFP’s work seeks to help the faithful navigate in these troubled waters, reminding them that God permits these storms so that they might be strengthened.

Amid the storm, the Church will prevail. Did not Our Lord reassure the Apostles during the storm: “Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?”

Dissent in the Ranks

The dissident “Catholic” group, Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) is recovering from a scathing essay written in January by Father Thomas Doyle, the group’s first “Priest of Integrity” award recipient. The exchange between them exposes dissent in their ranks and … Continue reading

Defend the Church in Delaware

Once again, the Delaware state legislature is considering a bill that would open up a two-year “look back period,” allowing victims of sexual abuse to sue long after the statute of limitations for such crimes had expired. In response, the … Continue reading

A Call to Defend the Church

Among the states trying to lift retroactively the statutes of limitations on sexual abuse, Ohio is well advanced. Bill SB 17 passed the Senate and is presently in the Judiciary House Committee, it could come to a vote soon. Many … Continue reading

The Innocent Suffer and the Guilty Go Free?

The Innocent Suffer and the Guilty Go Free? In state legislatures across the nation, a mania is spreading to introduce bills to lift or extend retroactively statutes of limitations related to sexual abuse. The bills will permit thousands of civil … Continue reading

Seeking First the Kingdom of Heaven

“Amid the storms through which She passes today, She [the Church] could proudly and tranquilly say: ‘Alios ego vidi ventos; alias prospexi animo procellas’ (‘I have already seen other winds, I have weathered other storms’). The Church has fought in … Continue reading

Taking the Schiltz Challenge

If anyone should know about the sexual abuse scandals, it is Prof. Patrick Schiltz. While in private practice from 1987-1995, he represented various churches in hundreds of clergy abuse cases. He now holds the St. Thomas More Chair in Law … Continue reading

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