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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

“Long Live Christ the King!” Young Mexican, Authentic Model of a Catholic Hero“Long live Christ the King!” Such was the cry that opened the gates of Heaven and eternal glory to many blessed during the Catholic resistance in the Mexico of the twenties. The Cristero martyrs shouted it as they were executed by the communist regime they had fought: a tyrannical regime that shut down their churches, persecuted religion and spread disgrace over Mexico, the great gloved nation of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Difference Between True Elites and False “Elites”In more than one progressive-inspired publication I have run into the adjective, “elitist,” needless to say employed in a strongly pejorative sense. Indeed, it makes sense because from the psychological standpoint, the progressive philosophy is a fusion of all kinds of mediocrity, triviality and even vulgarity.

Contemplating the Adorable Person of Our Lord Jesus ChristI will venture a guess and say that most of us have meditated upon Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through our contemplation we have acquired a sense of what He is like. However, imagine the resulting indelible impression were we to have the unmerited grace and inestimable joy of seeing our Savior face to face!

Tolerance, a Dangerous VirtueIn a previous article, we established that tolerance, as well as its antithesis, intolerance, cannot be thought of as either intrinsically good or bad. In other words, there are cases in which tolerance is a duty and intolerance is an evil. And there are other times in which tolerance is evil and intolerance is a duty.

The Immense Majesty of the Church's Celebration of EasterThe regularity with which the various cycles of the liturgical year succeed one another in the Church’s calendar is truly an affirmation of the celestial majesty of the Church. She remains undisturbed no matter how much the events of human history change around her. Even amid the sadness of the contemporary world, Holy Church uses the vibrant and most chaste joys of Easter to highlight the triumphal certainty that God is the Supreme Lord of all things, that His Christ is the King of Glory…

The Last Christmas CardEvery year, numerous people who usually sent Prof. Plinio a Christmas card had a hopeful expectation. It was to receive sometime later, a reply with another card containing a Christmas message signed by him, filling their souls with joy and hope. On Christmas 1994, the last one the distinguished Catholic leader celebrated on this earth…

Don’t Treat Wolves Like Lost SheepThe doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ is full of seemingly antagonistic truths which nevertheless when examined closely, far from mutually denying one another actually complement one another, forming a truly marvelous harmony. This is the case, for example, with the seeming contradiction between Divine justice and goodness. God is at the same time infinitely just and infinitely merciful. Whenever we close our eyes to one of these perfections in order to understand the other we fall into grave error. In His earthly life, Our Lord Jesus Christ gave admirable proofs of His gentleness and His severity.

Saint John Bosco: Overcoming All Kinds of ObstaclesThe great Saint John Bosco, founder of the Salesian Congregation, has an eminently priestly expression, but that of a man of the people. He was a peasant who became a priest, and that was a glory to him. There is something truly majestic in him. What does that majesty consist of? In him there is something resolute and triumphant, of one who has overcome and is triumphing over all sorts of obstacles.

Impressions of the Shroud of TurinThough dead, one notices in Him a curious thing: He was only 33 years of age when He died, but to our eyes today He seems much more mature. I would easily estimate His age to be...

Remedy for Contemporary Moral HardnessHe who is cruel is selfish. Man only harms his neighbor out of selfishness or desire to benefit from advantages to which he is not entitled...

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