American Tradition, Family, Property: Fighting the Counter-Revolution

Faithful Catholics Rise Up to Defend Our Lord


Once again the devil has shown his ugly face in the public square. This time it happened in Oklahoma City. A blasphemous Satanic Black Mass was held on September 21st at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.



Saint Michael the Archangel


Saint Michael the Archangel
Saint Michael the Archangel is a model of several virtues, for example, his humility and hierarchical spirit. The intrepid Archangel is also a model of combativeness, a virtue mostly forgotten in our relativistic times soaked in defeatist pacifism.

The Epic Spirit


The Epic Spirit
The epic spirit is a spirit turned to the marvelous and enthusiastic about the marvelous. The measure of this enthusiasm is the heroic. In other words, it is to have one’s spirit turned to heroism and to be capable of heroism in the defense of the marvelous.






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Rosary Rally on 5th Avenue