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The Queenship of Mary

The Queenship of Mary
Blessed Pope Pius IX said of Mary’s Queenship: “Turning her maternal Heart toward us and dealing with the affair of our salvation, she is concerned with the whole human race. Constituted by the Lord Queen of Heaven and Earth, and exalted above all…”
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Romanians Massively Support Protecting Family in the Constitution

Romanians Back Constitutional Family Protection
Determined to defend the family by getting rid of woefully immoral legislation, Romanians have massively supported a citizen’s initiative promoting a constitutional amendment to protect the family. This initiative has gathered three million signatures, or 15% of the entire population!
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Why Harriet Tubman Should Not Be on the Twenty Dollar Bill

Why Harriet Tubman Should Not Be on $20 Bill
It was only a matter of time before the politically correct establishment took aim at the nation’s currency. It is not enough that the value of the dollar should slowly decline toward monopoly money, it must also eventually look like it as well. The staid dollar notes were just too correct…
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