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The War of the StraitjacketsLooking at the political climate, America’s present condition can be seen as a war of the straitjackets. On one side, there are those who rightfully claim that society needs God and a moral law as a necessary condition for freedom and prosperity. These fight to conserve the remnants of this law.

Is America on a Path to Decline?It is dangerous to compare the nation to a corporation. A nation reflects a whole culture with all its richness, creativity and vivacity. It is an organic entity that has a life of its own that does not appear on spreadsheets. Applying the corporate model to a nation is a modern obsession that often ends in disaster.

Election 2016: Have Americans Abandoned Their Principles?America is in crisis, and most people don’t know what to do about it. They are frustrated by a lack of direction and purpose. They are wary of established systems and political maneuvers. They don’t care how the problem is resolved but only that it be resolved. Across the nation, many are asking: What’s the solution?

Unjust “Social Justice” Kills Jobs in CaliforniaArmed with the leftist mantra of “equality and social justice,” liberals are attempting to mandate social economic justice by increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Their argument imparts a warm and fuzzy feeling to those who do not reflect, but as predicted, it is now bearing its rotten fruits in California.

Is that the Titanic Sinking? No! It’s Russia’s Economy!Bloomberg has ranked the Russian economic performance expected in 2016 as the fourth worst in the world, surpassed only by Venezuela, Brazil and Greece. Is that the Titanic sinking? No!!! Russian citizens answered in chorus, it’s the economy! “We warn all those waiting for the Russian economy to reach the bottom of the sea in order to return to the surface that the [historic] Titanic also touched the bottom but never resurfaced,” wrote a netizen, with a touch of caustic humor.

Broken Trust The Cause of Angry PoliticsEveryone agrees that there is something different about today’s angry politics. The ordinary issues that have shaped the political debate for years have largely remained the same. The economy is still in bad shape, terrorism remains a top concern and the deficit is still growing as fast as ever.

Are Wind Turbines Really Clean and Green?Wind turbines look deceptively “clean” with their white gleaming blades smoothly spinning in the wind, effortlessly producing green power for an energy-hungry world. However, the construction of these behemoths is not environmentally friendly at all.

What It Means for America to Be GreatOne thing I ardently desire is that America continue to be great. This natural and wholesome sentiment is born of a patriotism of which I am not ashamed. I am proud to be an American and so I desire the best for my country. Contrary to the prevailing conventional wisdom, I do not believe America has lost its greatness. However, like everyone, I realize that this greatness is seriously threatened by the course we have set for ourselves. Its survival hinges on the decisions that we will now make.

The Crumbling of CertaintiesIn the scramble to make sense out of the present election cycle, analysts have come up with all sorts of theories. One popular explanation claims that people are hardening in their positions. On the left and the right, all parties are holding rigidly to their agendas, forcing their will upon the rest of the nation making it difficult to get things done.

Who Is Framing the Narrative in the Political Debate?Everyone acknowledges that this is not an ordinary election cycle. Almost as confusing as the campaign events are the explanations of those trying to explain why so many bizarre things are happening. Everyone has a take on the political carnival. Everything seems to be a confused mess. However, if one observes closely, a narrative has emerged both on the right and the left that is now dominating the debate.

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