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Save Us From the Tyranny of “Settled” ScienceIn classrooms across the country, high school students are taught the scientific method in which a hypothesis is tested in a series of experiments. After a number of tests prove positive, the student can then take the facts and reach a conclusion. When the conclusion is contantly verified, it is enshrined in what might be called “established” science. But there is a second kind of science that uses methods very different from these…

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!As the nation heads into the next election cycle, there is much frustration, angst and anxiety directed at a system that does not seem to work. Everyone senses there is something terribly wrong with the country. The worst part of this growing malaise is the feeling that no one seems to know what the real problem is.

Just an Article or an Excuse to Blaspheme?The days leading up to Christmas are always ones of great anticipation and with great reason since everything about Our Lord’s birth was marvelous. Sadly there are those in our secularist world who no longer believe in this historical event and never miss an opportunity to insult those who do. In the days leading up to Christmas, The Wall Street Journal published an offensive statement…

COP21: Paris’ Historic FiascoHugs, tears, euphoria: it was not the World Cup finals but that of the Conference of the Parties in Paris, or COP21 as it is better known. Under the chairmanship of French socialist foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, its organizers emotionally celebrated a “historic agreement” on the planet’s future climate.

I Am a Victim of Micro-AggressionI am a victim of micro-aggression. I only found out now after watching the campus activists who have been disrupting studies this past semester. They claim their learning experiences are plagued with systemic bias and attitudes that they call “micro-aggressions.” A micro-aggression is any word, act or presupposition, slight though it might be, that offends an individual because of their background or perceived identity.

Hostilities Against the Swiss Cross in…Switzerland!At a school in Emmen in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, students were asked to beautify some concrete walls. The plan was sponsored by Emmenfarbig (Emmen in Color), an association directed by Peter Jans and was to have children paint musical instruments on a wall. In fact, more than 1,000 inhabitants of the locality have participated in similar initiatives in the past seven years.

In Search of the Lost WolfPope Francis’ visit to Cuba last September, symbolically preceding his arrival in the United States, provoked many Americans to rethink our country’s decades-old embargo of the communist island nation. The Pope’s act of visiting Cuba en route to America was clearly a symbolic gesture that expressed a greater moral opposition to the embargo than words ever could.

Terrorism in Paris - Satanic Islamic Hatred and Apostate Christian Satanic WorshipOn Friday, November 13th, Islamic terrorists carried out a concerted attack at several places in Paris with automatic rifles and suicide bombers leaving 130 dead and 368 injured, many seriously.

Sprinting to do Business in Communist Cuba American telecom giant Sprint Corporation has the not-so-coveted distinction of having signed the first trade agreement with communist Cuba to provide cellular roaming coverage to the few Cubans that have phones and some tourists.

Ivanpah Not so Squeaky GreenPromoted as the future of renewable clean solar energy, the Ivanpah electric generating plant has less to boast about than first thought. With three massive towers rising 495 feet high and 352,000 mirrors focusing sunlight toward the tops of the towers to boil water with solar energy, Ivanpah is far less environmentally friendly if one considers its carbon emissions.

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