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Terrorism in Paris - Satanic Islamic Hatred and Apostate Christian Satanic WorshipOn Friday, November 13th, Islamic terrorists carried out a concerted attack at several places in Paris with automatic rifles and suicide bombers leaving 130 dead and 368 injured, many seriously.

Sprinting to do Business in Communist Cuba American telecom giant Sprint Corporation has the not-so-coveted distinction of having signed the first trade agreement with communist Cuba to provide cellular roaming coverage to the few Cubans that have phones and some tourists.

Ivanpah Not so Squeaky GreenPromoted as the future of renewable clean solar energy, the Ivanpah electric generating plant has less to boast about than first thought. With three massive towers rising 495 feet high and 352,000 mirrors focusing sunlight toward the tops of the towers to boil water with solar energy, Ivanpah is far less environmentally friendly if one considers its carbon emissions.

Kremlin Mulls Declaring Independence of Baltic Countries IllegalThe Russian news agency Interfax reported that the “new Russia” has decided to review the legality of the recognition of the independence of the Baltic republics Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the International Business Times reported.

US Diplomacy – An Analogy Between Saigon and Havana?The United States government has just reopened its embassy in Havana. At first sight, there would be no point in drawing an analogy between the reopening of this American Embassy in Havana, which many regard as a diplomatic success, and the humiliating withdrawal from this country’s embassy in Saigon in 1973, which left Vietnam in the hands of communists.

Huge Demonstration Supporting the Traditional Family and Rejecting “Gender Ideology” in SchoolsFor those who may have missed it, the demonstration was impressive. In Rome, about 500,000 people participated in a huge manifestation against same-sex “marriage” and the introduction of the absurd “gender ideology” in Italian schools.

Bolivia: Francis, and the Hammer and SickleOne cannot understand how Pope Francis surrounds himself with revolutionary leaders, assumes their ideas are good, and gives them a virtually unconditional support without first...

What I Witnessed During the Irish ReferendumWhile the result of the referendum is a terrible disaster for Ireland and the whole world, I would like to report on what I saw during the campaign to legalize same-sex “marriage” on the Emerald Isle. Actively involved in Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, I spent the weeks before the referendum campaigning in defence of traditional marriage. I was witness to the strong-arm tactics and other irregularities that marked the referendum.

Poland and Lithuania Bar Entry to Putin’s Shady ‘Praetorian Guard’“To Berlin!” The Red Army war cry was echoed by hundreds of pro-Kremlin bikers departing from Moscow to the West and flying Soviet flags with the effigy of Stalin and Putin’s Russia. For many in the countries along their path however, this has an offensive dimension, barely hiding the invading intentions of the Kremlin boss.

Hungarian Premier Flirts with Putin and Loses Voter MajorityHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has maintained himself in his post since 2010 by appealing to the conservative tenets of public opinion in Hungary...

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