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Our Lady Help of Christians, Celebrates Pope's  Liberation From Prison

Our Lady Help of Christians
During five years of captivity, Pius VII appealed incessantly to Our Lady under the invocation of “Help of Christians.” From 1809 to 1812, the Pontiff remained imprisoned in the Italian city of Savona, making a vow to crown an image of the Mother of Mercy, should he obtain his freedom…
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New Eucharistic Miracle: Polish Doctors Say Host is Human Tissue

Eucharistic Miracle: Host is Human Tissue
A Host fragment appearing to be bloody tissue was removed and placed on a corporal. Tested samples of “the fragments of tissue have been found…the fragmented parts of the cross striated muscle…most similar to the heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony.”
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Is America on a Path to Decline?

Is America on a Path to Decline?
It is dangerous to compare the nation to a corporation. A nation reflects a whole culture with all its richness, creativity and vivacity. It is an organic entity that has a life of its own that does not appear on spreadsheets. Applying the corporate model to a nation is a modern obsession…
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