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Do We Want a Business Model for Our Country?

With the nation polarized and unable to move forward, many people are suggesting that what our country needs is a business model for governing. Forget about the moral issues. Run the nation like a business and everything will come out … Continue reading

Dodd-Frank: Another Name for Socialism

As we sail on the choppy seas of a questionable economic recovery, we can look back upon a storm of our own making that has wreaked havoc upon our financial system. That storm is the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and … Continue reading

What We Can’t Not Know

In a world where baby body parts are bought and sold and marriage has been redefined, it is urgent that we reaffirm that there are certain broad, moral truths that we can’t not know. It needs to be said and … Continue reading

The Democrats’ Train to Nowhere

A conservative friend of mine was looking at the political and moral horizon and complained that he thought all was lost. He sought in vain for signs of hope and asked if there might be something, however small, that would … Continue reading

The Monsters Among Us

Another horrible mass murder has taken place and the nation mourns. It is yet one more incident in a string of such crimes that has come to characterize our sad times. While the Charleston shootings have undoubted racial overtones, the … Continue reading

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