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A Wolf at the Door

The colorful controversy surrounding 63-year-old Ronald Larsen is enough to attract anyone’s attention. He was born in America – Montana, no less—and now lives on a working ranch in Bolivia. His entrepreneurial skills have favored the poor Guarani Indians since … Continue reading

Keeping up the Pressure:

With all the uproar about the abuse scandals, it seems unbelievable that an open sacrilegious scandal continues at the Diocesan Museum of Vienna, Dommuseum, just across the street from the city’s magnificent Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. The blasphemous exhibit, titled: “Religion, … Continue reading

A Wake-up Call for the West

The most recent Chinese import scandal is settling down, but the affair has again raised questions about the privileged treatment the West pays to the communist country. This includes: granting them “most favored nation” trade status, increasing importation of substandard … Continue reading

Warrior Prince Harry Returns Home a Hero

There was a time when society’s privileged realized that the advantages of their position came with grave responsibilities. Then it was truly believed that: “much is expected of those who have been given much.” Historically, the nobility epitomized this role. … Continue reading

Ed Snell’s Assailant Goes to Trial

I arrived at Dauphin County Prison Courthouse early on January 31. The preliminary proceedings against Nathan Richardson, assailant of pro-lifer Ed Snell, were scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and it was still before 8:00 a.m. I decided to take a short … Continue reading

Land Reform and the Witch’s Weed

In Latin America, agrarian land reform is often proposed as a measure to distribute lands to the landless. It involves taking over large properties without just compensation and usually is an attack upon the right of private property. However, there … Continue reading

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