Fighting the Culture War

Protest You-Tube Host Desecration

Consider taking three minutes to sign a petition to the popular video sharing site YouTube in protest to a sacrilegious video in which a sacred Host is deliberately crushed, burnt and stomped on. Perhaps the worst is desecrating the Eucharist … Continue reading

10 Razones para Rechazar el Socialismo

  Diez Razones para Rechazar el Socialismo   Por qué debemos proteger la familia, la propiedad privada y América de los peligros del socialismo   *          *          *   1.  El socialismo y el comunismo son la misma ideología El comunismo no es … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Reject Socialism

    10 Reasons to Reject Socialism   Why we must protect the family, private property and America from the dangers of socialism   *          *          *   1.  Socialism and communism are the same ideology Communism is but an extreme form of … Continue reading

Well-Prepared Dishes, A Recipe for Charity

Nowadays we so often hear: “Home Cooking?! How old-fashioned! Gone are the days sweating over the stove preparing nice dishes. Ready-made meals are a must! Time is precious.” There is a widespread notion that carefully prepared dishes with special recipes … Continue reading

Long Live Latrophobia!

Every day we hear the word homophobia. In the news, school, the work place, with our friends: we cannot avoid it. Just what does this esoteric, talismanic word imply. We say imply because it has no clear definition and is … Continue reading

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