Fighting the Culture War

The Educational Importance of Manners

At first glance it might seem rather forced to make a connection between education and manners. In our secular society, manners like morals seem to be optional in the formation of youth. It is something relegated to parents to teach … Continue reading

The Rising Influence of Intelligent Design

The ongoing assault on the supernatural order that generates our love of God is reaching a critical stage. The revival of Gnosticism, the stubbornness of socialistic-communistic thinking, and immoral, destructive behavior are reaching their apex of driving God from our … Continue reading

Tillman’s Tower

In the center of West Point’s historic campus in upstate New York stands a statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Below him is a plaque bearing the words of wisdom he once spoke. “On the fields of friendly strife are sewn the … Continue reading

The Santa Fe Chill

Contrary to what many artists claim, protesting against offensive art is never free publicity. Few things hurt the arts community more than when it produces works that lose touch with its supporting community. This is especially evident in the wave … Continue reading

Wise Interpenetration of Values

Our picture shows the four sons of the Maharaja of Kaourthala at the beginning of the century. The group makes an agreeable impression as there is something quintessentially noble, gracious and refined in the bearing, countenances and attire of these … Continue reading

Floored or Back to the Future?

On more than one occasion, when visiting friends – or even some people I don’t know all that well – I have been offered the “comforts” of the floor rather than those of a couch or even a simple straight-backed … Continue reading

The Devil’s False Promise of Happiness

This scene is from the island of Ischia, in Italy, after a storm. Nature has recovered her cheerful appearance and an elderly peasant woman accompanied by her children – perhaps her grandchildren – walks up a hillside. The road is … Continue reading

Dignity and Distinction for both Great and Small

Sir Winston Churchill – born of an American mother and an English father – reached the apex of human greatness in his country, and attained it deservedly by his exceptional talents, the unusual scope of his personality, and the merit … Continue reading

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