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The Church Shall Prevail

Confession, the Sacrament of Divine MercyTo better understand the great spiritual treasure contained in the Sacrament of Penance or Confession, let us turn the clock back two thousand years to Palestine...


The similarity of the present media uproar in Europe over sexual abuse scandals, with the American crisis in 2002 leads us to ask if the present efforts, and especially those attempting to involve the Pope, do not also point to some de facto association among liberal journalists and dissident Catholics in an attempt to change the Church from an hierarchical to a democratic type of Church government.

The dissident “Catholic” group, Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) is recovering from a scathing essay written in January by Father Thomas Doyle. The exchange exposes dissent in their ranks and signifies a victory for tradition.

Delaware is introducing legislation that would abolish the statute of limitations for two years in cases of sexual abuse, costing innocent Catholics millions of dollars.

Interview with Dr. Loftus: Does Repressed Memory Happen?In the late eighties, efforts by victims’ groups, recovered memory therapists and lawyers tried to get legislatures to lift the statute of limitations so that people could file lawsuits no matter how long ago these things had allegedly happened. A new effort is now gathering steam.

Free version of a Spanish mystic in Quito

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